By Gerald Okereafor - November 23, 2018

Hey everyone, Hope you are all doing great. Welcome back to my space for the style series project I announced to you all on my Instagram page.

My latest campaign series entails intimating you with my personal style in school. I basically intend to give full details behind each and every look I created for you all, which shall feature just three looks.

What’s really exciting about this very post is the fact that I finally get to wear that very shirt in my wardrobe that I had kept for over a year now, thinking on when and where to wear it to. 

Polka Dot prints are certainly one of those staple statement pieces that's adaptable to both male and female wardrobe and could serve dual purpose- either casual outings or formal events.

Putting together my look seemed to be easy, as I totally love to have everything harmonise in the same hue. Using a pair of black trouser, which I like slightly overflowing on my grey derby shoe.

The most challenging thing faced with in putting together a formal look certainly has to be finding the right knot tie to go with the whole ensemble. For this look, a black wool tie which I got from a friend, had to be the final piece in the puzzle.

What do you think about today’s look?


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