By Gerald Okereafor - May 27, 2018

Hello everyone,

How is your weekend going? Sure its moving on smoothly. Oh well, I decided to put up a Style post like you all voted for on the insta story poll I ran last week. And this post is one for confidence, especially when it comes to styling colorful clothing. So guys, simply cool off by reading on๐Ÿ˜Š.

More often than not, a lot of us find it more suiting hiding in our shells, totally restricting the inner venom in us. Lots of introspection surfaces, where we question our abilities, and all of a sudden lose confidence. This is not far-fetched when taking on the challenge of wearing explosive splash prints; many question if they have the ability to style them properly without committing blunders. However I am here to debunk that myth, passing on the “confidence syndrome” to you all at once.

So, what’s so catchy about splash prints? I personally find them very attractive. They possess some form of charm capable of dragging mouth-watering comments from onlookers, they equally possess eye-catchy illuminating details, which I feel are just sufficient to lighten up a dark room. The pieces, talking about the shirts used in this blog post are both samples of splash prints in various forms. The first, being embedded in the fabric its self, while the latter was manually done through hand painting.

Styling splash prints have overtime proven to be a serious challenge for many individuals. I even found this so confusing, constantly asking a third-eye what the whole outcome looked like before jumping on set to create magic. So, I came to the conclusion that, splash prints just need to be matched with all form seriousness, just as displayed in its curated details. As much as possible pick dominant colours from them to form an anchor in styling. Take for instance, my outer top is dominantly drowned in red/neon-green, all I did was to make a consistent blend by going with an acrylic printed long-sleeved shirt with reddish-brown & deep green prints, all for harmony.

Also, it’s important to maintain the core basic tones; as both tops were largely dominated by neutral tones: grey, white and black respectively, therefore it was so easy to compliment by opting for a base of similar hue, using a mix-match neutral toned pant.

Bit by bit, you start to shape your so desired look if you heed to the guidelines. Finally, I found a comfort zone being drowned in colours; adding a properly detailed neck piece that highlights how important it is to pay attention to details, equally going so subtle with my footwear, using printed but white dominated sneakers to finish off the look.

Would be nice for you guys to share your thoughts on this particular look.

Outfit Details

Trouser by @fliqclothings
Splash Printed Pieces by @uche_ebirim
Accessories- locally sourced 
Footwear - Oldie

Photographed by Charles Francis

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