By Gerald Okereafor - May 01, 2018

The vibe of the 90’s exuded lots of rebellious aesthetic and cosy-casual styles which were effortlessly stunning in appearance. Drifted in that mood, the looks in this editorial were clearly set to depict what it meant to be a ‘90’s baby’; one full of charisma as seen in colours, unperturbed by adversaries with simplicity, but still maintaining a dapper sense of style. 

Styling a retro look with such wonderfully coloured pieces requires a lot of patience, paying attention to every single details; even those that may be considered to be trivial. Colour schemes of the ensemble were far from being monochromatic, but were rather complementary, all just to bring life to this editorial.

The location was filled with all forms antiquity, synching perfectly with the theme. Using accessories for a retro look is often understated; but the caveat here is that, any attempt should be totally muted; thus infusing some bits of pop-culture in the look using; beanies and vintage glasses to reiterate the notion of the “90’s vibe”. The final lock down of the whole ensemble was done with the ever staple classic, white sneakers.

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Editorial Team
Outfits By @konstankwears
Photography by @koldiebanks
Supporting muse @serbia_w

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  1. All in for this look.
    101% ✊. The aesthetic, the colour pop, the whole ensemble about a "90's baby look" is my inner animal.
    Way to go ✊