By Gerald Okereafor - September 30, 2017

A style which manifests in details is one which is truly dapper. Dapper, this elaborately speaks of a man who is confident, charming, yet still very stylish. Looks from the Neo-classical era form the core of how most of our contemporary menswear are structured; as lighter clothing fabrics were incorporated to fit with the flair of natural-conservative styles in neutral hue, as worn by the majority in that era. 

Inspired by the arts of the Neo-classicalist, this particular editorial is an attempt aimed at the revival of styles of classic antiquity. I tried to relate with neutral hues, subdued details and as much as possible invigorating poses. Personal research on the Neo-classical era (18th centuries till early 19th century) made me understand that style to them connoted; simplistic, perfect and unadorned immaculate tailoring.

Looks which were less expressive and unadventurous from cuts to tailoring. Rarely did the mantra of sophistication rare its ugly head. The most majestic of men, talking about the kings and landlords cared less about individuality.

Re-enacting this look was a daunting task, as most of the wears from that era have waned overtime and also have been modified. But on a second thought, constructing something close to the style of Neo-classical era didn’t seem a bad idea at all.

Dominant in a Neo-classical style approach should be;

• An unstructured neutral tone blazer with little or no adornment (Double-Brest is certainly not a bad go).

• An array of muted colours, to serve as supporting hues in the ensemble.

• A simple hat, but bicycle caps mind you, can fill such void.

Though not the ultimate classical look you may have ever seen, but it’s still one to put in the books for consideration. I collaborated with a bespoke suit brand, Mazzyman, to pull-off this editorial and I would urge you all to follow up this trend by simply hooking up with Mazzyman, a brand that curates wonderful pieces just for your taste. 


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