By Gerald Okereafor - July 28, 2017

Colours do frighten men. Talk less of yellow, a frontal hue which is highly underrated in men’s fashion due to its feminine connotations. The raw power of the hue has a scorching effect, leaving a plethora of men in their shelves seeking for neutral warmth. But, what’s the implication if we all share the same ideology of restraining from bright hues such as yellow? Does it create room for the flex of ones individuality let alone uniqueness? Definitely not, as many would look alike in their unappealing neutral hues. Whilst many men shy away from lighter hues, it is important to be savvy about certain styling spells you could cast to look magical and garner so much attention, especially if you are bold and fashion-forward.

Blazer when properly fitted brings out the silhouette of a man to its fore-front; creating the much needed striking and powerful aura. It further instigates a touch of sophistication to whatever you put on. Intentionally, this editorial was styled in a subtle-street stylish manner to make you feel very relaxed; so whether it’s a simple tee and jeans combination or a dress pant with grandad collar shirt combination, yellow blazer if styled properly would perfectly just add up.

Endlessly versatile and available in styles to suite every taste, denim jeans (particularly stone-washed) are year-round staple which help neutralize the rawness out of the yellow in your ensemble. Its special undertone brings about stability and tilts attention off that shouting upper layer.

Retaining hue composition is very important. Since the palettes of the preceding layers are majorly light hues, intuitively our footwear-preferably a sneaker follows suit. Adidas originals are timeless and have been modified and re-modified over time. I just had to incorporate this very one into the ensemble, being that it’s very colourful and eye-catchy (can’t pass anywhere without people noticing it, Yunno😉).

To build up a confident style is to be coherent and consistent. What do I mean by this? It simply means that you need to:

•Be dapper to death, especially when styling with accessories as they must be coherent with the palette of the ensemble, in this editorial,Yellow and sky blue are the most prominent colours. Thus, bright accessories such as the Blue VID glasses, gold and silver jewellery were used.

• Be clean and crisp.

• Be totally muted if you don’t intend on using any accessory. 

• Be bold enough to debunk the feminine connotation attached to the hue.

So guys, its key we work towards making yellow a core part of menswear palette, being that we have a point to prove to our feminine counterparts that we can rock it better😒. Thank you for being here once again, I would love to see you next time. Have a good day, Cheers.


Blazer by Donald Unlimited
Denim Jeans by Nugas Place
Accessory- Oldie

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