By Gerald Okereafor - July 23, 2017

Warm greetings everyone,

Your favourite blogger Gerald is back! Firstly, I would love to apologise for being very passive of late. This post was actually scheduled to be on blog earlier this month, but my current internship programme that runs from 8am-4pm weekdays has really been tedious….and trust me guys it has taken a large chunk of my creative time to create good vibes for you all.

It is no news that certain styles feature season-in-season-out; that is to say that they are timeless. Many fashion savvy individuals posit that the versatility of a wear plays an enormous role in making its trend everlasting, and one of our childhood staples; dungarees shouldn’t be left out of the list of wears with an everlasting trend. Over the years, dungarees have been brought back to life in numerous styles.

One thing for sure is that, the versatility of dungarees makes it so comfortable that it could be worn all through the year. Contemporary dungarees unlike retro ones come in very stylish cuts, fabrics and even colour. They are more fitting and not as overly baggy as previous ones worn decades ago.

The simple thing about being “unique” rests on one’s ability to tweak things a bit. Tweaking would imply having a special styling approach as opposed to the widely held conventional styles adopted by many individuals. Check shirts are wardrobe staples no doubt and look great when worn with chinos or even dress pants, but why not try mixing them up with dungarees? Remember, you are only unique if you have a different style approach. I mean, it is all about debunking the myth that “dungarees should be only worn with plain shirts”, white to be more precise (as seen in picture).

It is important to note that dungaree is a street-style forward statement, and often doesn’t need to be showered with too much accessories. Styling this look, aviators were used just to complement my neutral-minimal look, which also had a jiggy finesse brought on board by my black-blue soled high boot brogue.

So guys, I hope this fashion forward look gives you some option on how to style that very dungaree of yours that has been idle in your wardrobe. Finally guys, your favourite blogger got nominated for an award for the “Choice Fashion Blogger ” at the Nigerian Teens Choice Award, you could go there and vote(here) so we could bring this back home. Thank you all for your continuous support. God bless you all.


Check Shirt- Oldie
Bespoke made footwear
Aviators- Dapmod

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