By Gerald Okereafor - June 18, 2017

Quintessential but unintentional. Summer season is an exceptional period in fashion. Not really a result of lighter wears being a popular choice, but as an evidence that summer brings out the purest form of style from men.

Wasting no time! Throttling my pedal as fast as I can, Sweatshirts are one of those fashionables that are very cosy: somewhat very suitable to define a preppy look that embodies edgy fittings. The fit so outlined by wonderful fabrics that are often soft and contain moderate amount of elastane to give the much desired cutting edge. And that’s why I love them.

Loving them wasn’t just enough, but actually, looking for the best possible way to depict a special look was what I really sought after….and that’s why I linked up with Tega Salubi, an award-winning fashion model to create some magic.

Nothing else was more interesting than using the two secrets of styling sorcery, black and white. Shorts, without doubt serves as the most viable option, as it saves you the stress of thinking and also forms the very core of your laid-back look. As with shorts, avoid excessively flowing and long choices, above the knee is just okay. 

Socks, either ankle or mid-calf length socks, can be worn proudly this summer. Use accessories wisely, keeping things simple but not totally muted. Summer footwear silhouette like vans can go with just about anything, it’s sensible to keep colour choice subtle (just like Tega and I).

Finally, this editorial was done in collaboration with eponymous fashion brand Suyi by Onaopemipo Oluwasuyi. In the words of the creative director Oluwasuyi “the brand combines African fabric with western culture to bring about timeless pieces showing off African fashion and creativity. Our aim is to promote and provide the world with conservative and decent fashion that connotes elegance and beauty.”

Trust me guys, Suyi is one brand to watch out for, especially being the fact that it’s an androgynous brand. So why don’t you hit them up and grab your copies NOW!

Contact Suyi via

-Instagram: @Suyi_designs

-Mobile phone: 07013850977

-Email: suyibysuyi@yahoo.com

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