By Gerald Okereafor - May 31, 2017

Certain trends have stood the taste of time and lived to tell the tale, of which monochrome outfits cannot be excluded. Monochrome outfits are generally characterised by; muted palette and unruffled undertones. They are staples which I highly recommend for every male wardrobe. You may wonder, why? But to explain explicitly- the two neutral hues combine perfectly to form a hallowed matrimony capable of creating looks befitting enough to transit ones personality from minimal to spectacular but very classic.

In as much as there is an innate desire to evict pigments. One must be very careful, as a palette restricted to associated colour scheme often tends to create a dull and unattractive look, thus there should be an aim for distinctiveness. Things need to be altered a bit to attain such DISTINCTIVENESS, thus we can achieve this by;

•Introducing a point of contrast (as seen in the gold accessory detailing in pictures).
•Keeping things playful by varying patterns wonderfully well (as seen in altering stripes with newspaper monochrome print).
•Making your look subtle but still yet striking enough, as in the refrained elegance is where attractiveness of the ensemble lies.

Buttressing much more on the ensemble, with particular preference for the outmost top-which is a bulletproof kurta button shirt made in newspaper print, designed by 9ine…utterly fell head over heel with the creativity behind the wear. Considering the top being a round neck button down shirt swayed me into pulling something eccentric with a simple white t-shirt. The stripped trouser was just a perfect fit to the snake leather oriented black and white sneaker.

At an initial glance, styling black and white perfectly fits into those easy-breezy outfits which we can easily walkover, but take a step back and you will suddenly realise that both colours (black and white) combine to make the best of the very best that you may ever wear and as such needs to be cautiously styled to perfection, hitting the nail at its head so you could as well serve some juice and sauce to tension the crowd.

Thanks for stopping by guys, kindly tell me what you feel about this look.


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